NSA, Leaks, and Self-Naming Heroics

I am in the process of reading all the articles and reporting coming out in reaction to the stories reported by the Guardian and Washington Post this past week. I can say that my first reaction was: ‘Didn’t we already know this?’ and ‘Of course, they are. Amazon tracks my every move, why wouldn’t the NSA?’ I am liberal, a card-carrying (literally) Democrat, but there are certain conservative veins that run through me.  I believe in fiscal responsibility and I am pro-intelligence work with regards to national security. Do I believe these need oversight? Absolutely. Do I believe that we ran that off the rails with the Patriot Act? You bet. But. . .Boston Marathon Bombings and the Ft. Hood Shootings are the only attacks we have had from wannebe jihadists since 9/11. And my life hasn’t changed that much. 

However, I can say that some of my initial problems with this leak is the self-aggrandizing Glenn Greenwald and his new poster boy Edward Snowden. I am having a hard time being objective when it comes to these two. To be honest, that is coloring my reading of these materials. The self-importance is thick, and I am having to wade through. However, I will continue to do so and writer as I go.  



Inaugural Post

I decided to forgo my Tumblr, my Blogger, and other Social Media platforms, and begin seriously writing about interesting, important, and thought-provoking topics. I want this place to be one of seriousness, but not too much, and a place where I can begin to explore and develop my writer’s voice. She has been silent for too long. Having lost that voice a few years ago, I am anxious to hear from her again. The rumblings began a couple of years ago, but the whispers have turned to shouts, and cannot be ignored. So here we go. . .